1. Growth – With 85 percent of businesses leasing/financing their technology, leasing continues to grow in popularity and use. Since the economic downturn, businesses have become more conscious of spending habits and are identifying ways to get more “bang for their buck.” Because the value in technology is usage, it makes more sense for customers to finance their acquisitions and pay while using them.

2. Retention – It is vastly more expensive to attract new customers than to develop existing relationships. Leasing and financing can develop a customer’s level of trust with you as well as increase the amount of entanglement that you have with them. Because leasing/financing involves end-of-lease options, you are able to re-engage your customers to acquire new equipment.

3. Value – When selling products and services to customers, the key is value. Leasing/financing provides your customers with added value by reducing their upfront cost, assisting them in avoiding obsolescence, and by providing them with a manageable monthly payment option. Your customers will see you as an asset because you are helping them acquire the technology that they need at the prices that they want. The best part of it is that you are still able to be paid upfront and in full.

If you would like to discuss further leasing options and determine which one is right for you, please contact either info@vartechnologyfinance.com or call (800) 347-0628 and ask for a VAR Technology Finance Leasing Specialist.