Evolving to meet the needs of clients is the key to sustained growth for any business. This includes shifting company priorities, developing new initiatives, and learning about new trends within an industry.

These activities can all be described in one word: Innovation.

Our economy is recovering and businesses are investing more in their IT infrastructure. With the availability of additional credit still limited, businesses need creative means to acquire their technology. Companies are looking for greater flexibility within their budgets and are trying to get the most “bang for their buck.”

These trends have been discovered throughout the IT channel and many businesses are proactively developing financing solutions for customers. In fact, the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association predicts equipment and software investments will grow 11.2% in 2021.

What does this all mean for you? Financing can be a key to growth.

You are able to offer your customers a technology financing solution that can include both hard and soft costs. Financing can even include 100 percent software and services. It has unlimited potential with no risk for you. Your customer receives the equipment with little to no cash outlay, and you can get paid upfront and in full.

Contact your VAR Technology Finance representative for more information on our flexible financing solutions.

(Statistical Data Source: Equipment Leasing and Finance Association)