There are many myths and misconceptions about leasing and financing. Here are three of them:

1. Most customers pay cash. Many technology resellers believe that most of their customers pay cash and aren’t interested in leasing or financing their acquisition. The reality is that 85 percent of all companies lease equipment. Cash is also a limited asset. Customers want to be able to conserve cash for more lucrative investments instead of spending it on a depreciating asset, like IT. By offering a financing solution, your customers can acquire their technology with a minimal cash outlay and you can get paid in full and upfront.

2. Financing alienates customers from doing future business. It’s quite the opposite, because 87 percent of FMV lease customers will acquire their next solution from the same source. With a cash purchase, that percentage drastically drops to 23 percent. Leasing is actually a great way to grow your level of customer entanglement. Plus, you can save money in the long run, because it is cheaper to increase interactions with current customers than to attempt to develop new business.

3. Leasing is too complicated. Some leasing/financing companies make the process complicated with unnecessary steps. Luckily, that’s not VAR Technology Finance. We have streamlined our processes and have dedicated leasing specialists assigned specifically to your account. Once our account managers are introduced to your customer, we will handle all of the leasing processes and provide you with regular status updates.

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