As demand for technology products continues to grow, businesses must change their sales strategies and set new goals to increase revenue. Sometimes the most effective methods to maximize revenue are the most cost-efficient and can produce the greatest return. Below are five ways that you can increase your sales:

1. Gain Repeat Customers. It takes extra time and unnecessary effort to reach new customers. You have a wealth of available potential in your current customers. By offering a financing solution to them, you can increase your level of entanglement. ELFA (The Equipment Lease and Finance Association) reports that when leasing/financing is involved, 87 percent of customers will acquire their technology solutions from the same source as opposed to only 23 percent of cash customers.

2. Increase your transaction size. A simple method of increasing transaction size is to introduce service plans, accessories and additional services to your technology solution. When you utilize financing from VAR Technology Finance, you can easily attach these extra offerings. With your customer focusing on a manageable monthly payment, these add-ons are easily attached.

3. Make your pricing model more competitive. You don’t necessarily have to lower your prices to make them more competitive. Instead of selling your technology solution as a large, one-time payment, you can offer a smaller monthly payment option. You’ll make your proposals look more attractive and more manageable. Look at it this way: What would you rather pay? A one-time fee of $50,000 or equal monthly payments of $1,000? Your customer would agree.

4. Minimize your customer’s budget limitations. By simplifying your customer’s budget, they will be able to easily predict expenditures and find more flexibility in the amount of money they are able to spend. By financing a technology solution, your customer can make manageable payments over 36 months. What’s the best part? You get paid upfront and in full!

5. Gain an edge over your competitors. With modern accessibility to such a wide variety of resellers offering technology solutions, it can be difficult to differentiate your brand. The only way for you to beat out your competition is to create a competitive advantage. A simple way to do so is to offer your customer a financing solution alongside your product offering. If you and your competition are selling the same products at the same prices but you present a manageable way to acquire them, you may win the customer.

So you’ve heard a lot about using a leasing/financing solution, but you don’t have the time or resources to provide one. Well fortunately, you don’t have to. VAR Technology Finance is available to you as a leasing/financing resource. You’ll spend a minimal amount of time arranging a financing agreement and a VAR Technology Finance Account Manager will provide you with status updates. For more information contact or call (800) 347-0628.