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Want to know more about leasing or financing technology?
Here are answers to five common questions. If you need more information, please contact us.

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1) What kind of technology can be leased or financed?

Hardware, up to 100% software, telecom equipment, point-of-sale systems, data capture and inventory management systems, managed services, ongoing maintenance, digital signage and many other types of technology products and services.

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2) What is required to qualify to lease or finance?

The minimum required amount is $5,000 and there is not a maximum amount. Leasing terms range from 12 months to 60 months and payments can be structured according to business needs. A simple, one page application is usually all that is necessary for opportunities up to $250,000. Over that amount, a financial package may be necessary.

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3) How long does the leasing/financing process take?

Requests for up to $250,000 can be done in a matter of hours. After a business is approved, contracts are sent for signing. Once we received signed documents, a purchase order is issued to the reseller. When the business verifies delivery and acceptance of the solution, we pay the reseller in full.

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4) What happens at the end of the lease term?

End of term options vary based on lease type. FMV leasing provides the greatest flexibility, allowing a business to either extend the lease, return the equipment or purchase the equipment at Fair Market Value. If you decide to return the equipment, you can take advantage of a Tech Refresh and update your technology.

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5) Are lease payments tax deductible?

The current tax code allows a business to deduct up to a specified amount on a Fair Market Value lease. Businesses should consult their tax advisor or CPA to determine the qualification and application to their business.

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